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The Need for Medicine Boxes:


Many adults have to take regular medication at some point in their lives. Even if they don’t, anyone knows how hard it is to remember to complete a full course of antibiotics. This is especially true if have a busy schedule.

The fact is, we are all so immersed in our lives that we may easily forget to take out pills. If you’re one of these forgetful people or know anyone like this, you know how handy medicine boxes can be.



Here, we are talking about those medicine boxes that have small compartments. There are usually seven; one for every day of the week. These compartments may also be divided into two or three smaller sections themselves. What one does is sort out the pills they have to take and store them in the box. They would to take out some time and ration the pills for each day in a week.

There may also be some distribution with regards to when you have to take the medication. For instance, if there are two sections inside a compartment, you may want to separate your day medication for the one you take at night. This practice is especially useful for elderly people, children, or anyone who is bound to be lax about taking their medication on a regular basis.


Medicine Box for the Home:


Finding a medicine box in the market is not such a difficult matter. However, there are several concerns people have when thinking about purchasing one of these readymade boxes.



The first concern is that the medicine boxes available in the physical market or online may not contain the correct number of compartments. For instance, one may need separate sections for day and night medicine. However, there is no guarantee that you would be able to find one matching your needs.

Another understandable concern is whether or not the material used for these boxes is safe or not. It’s very rare to find a medicine box in the market that is not made of plastic. The material may be toxic, full or carcinogens, or otherwise bad for your health and the environment. Obviously, many would choose not to take the risk of putting their unpackaged pills inside such a box.

The above reasons are just the beginning of why we should try making our medicine boxes at home. This would not just be a fun craft, but a very useful and practical one. What’s even more exciting is that there are so many ways to go about it.


How to Make a Medicine Box at Home:


1. Test Tubes:


If you would like a glass organizer for your pills, consider utilizing any test tubes you may have. These may come with their corks, or you can fashion your lids out of construction paper. Fill up the tubes with the pills required for one day each. You can then store them in their stand.



Of course, this organizer would not be portable. It is more suitable for someone who works from home or is retired. The best part of this organizer is probably that when you’re out for the day, all you need to do is pick up one test tube and pop it in your purse! You may have to wrap it in a hanky to make sure it doesn’t break, though.


2. Spice Bottles:


Empty spice bottles are usually made of glass with a plastic top. This ensures that their contents are kept safe from outside elements and are not harmed in the container either. Since these containers are specially made for handling food, one can rest easy when storing their pills in them too. One can even organize their pill bottles by arranging them on a Lazy Susan.



3. Origami Pill Box:


There are several fun tutorials online that show one how to make a long box and fill it with smaller sections. You can make the section color different from every day of the week. Paper is quite safe for storing pills, and the result can be quite attractive. Alternatively, one could Buy medicine boxes by my box printing a simple origami box and create dividers for it.